How To Start Digital Marketing Agency in India

How To Start Digital Marketing Agency in India? A Simple 8-Steps Guide

Do you want to know How to Start Digital Marketing Agency in India? If your answer is yes, then this guide will go into detail about how to start Digital Marketing Agency in India.

Digital marketing (also known as internet marketing or online marketing) has been around since at least the 1990s. It has gained a lot of attention due to the rapid growth of the internet in the past decade. Many people are not familiar with the concept, even though they use it or have an understanding of it. Many people believe that digital marketing agencies only post Facebook ads and Google ads. Others think it covers both organic and paid online promotions.

But digital marketing is more than that. It is simply marketing services and products on the internet in a smart, organic, and inorganic way. This includes organic promotion, ads on the internet, social media channels, apps, content marketing, remarketing and influencer marketing, online reputation and management, email landing pages, voice search, and many other things.

Each aspect can be difficult to master and may take several years. However, this is true for all subjects, and, like other professions, digital marketing competence can be achieved after years of practice and learning. After acquiring this knowledge, a person can quickly pick up the craft and become a skilled professional.

According to NASSCOM, India has the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups. Therefore, starting a digital marketing agency in India is beneficial.

Scope in Digital Marketing

Since 2020, the scope of digital marketing in India has increased dramatically. India ranks second in the world for the highest number of Internet users.

The market analysis shows that the digital marketing industry has experienced a growth rate of 76% in FY21 compared to 45% in FY19. The digital marketing industry is projected to grow to Rs. 539 billion in FY24.

Is digital marketing profitable?

It is a tedious, exhausting, tiresome, but rewarding process to set up a digital marketing company in India. To begin, you will need a laptop and internet access.

A digital marketing company earns 20% profit for every project. A corporate digital marketing agency reports a 40% profit margin. While the immediate benefits may not be apparent, once your business is recognized, you can reap immense profits.

How To Start Digital Marketing Agency in India?

This is a great time to start your digital marketing business. These are the steps you need to take to establish a digital marketing agency in India.

How To Start Digital Marketing Agency in India

Step 1: Decide Your Strategy

You must identify your niche, place, and how you plan to do it if you are serious about making a name for yourself in digital marketing. Each decision has its own consequences, no matter how narrow or focused you are in digital marketing.

Play to your strengths. Don’t try to do too much. These are the rules of the game. Start small and build your business.

Step 2: Kickstart Your Online Presence

Get a domain name. It is ideal to choose a domain name that exactly matches your brand name. It may not be possible, so you might have to settle with a domain name that is close.

A .com domain is best for B2C websites. However, a website with a .in extension will work well for B2B companies. If you are looking to reach international clients, it is a good idea to use a domain that is not specific to a country (.com,,,

Step 3: Get Social 

To connect with potential customers in the future, pick a few social media platforms that are relevant to you. You can build a strong online presence by sharing relevant content and connecting with your followers via social media. Potential clients will trust your brand if they can see it. Social media can help you build long-lasting and valuable relationships with clients.

Important note: You don’t have to be on every social media network. You should only choose the most relevant based on your industry and niche and keep them updated.

Step 4: Build Your Brand

Building a brand is one of the most important tasks these days. It will help you stand out among your competitors. You can start by creating a logo, some visiting cards, great content, and a presentation to send via email.

A logo can help you create a brand identity. It will also make your brand more memorable. But don’t waste your time or money trying to perfect the design. Find something that you like and move it forward. If you feel that a better logo design is necessary, you can set aside money for your digital marketing agency.

Bring your business cards along and give them to potential clients at trade fairs, airport lounges, or business centers. You will be more visible the more business cards you give out. If you’re attending a tradeshow, you can also get flyers printed and hand them out.

Your customers might find it interesting to learn about your origins and what you stand for as a company. On your “About Us” page, you can share the story about how your company was founded. If you have employees, it is a good idea to introduce them to your page. Your website can highlight milestones that are important to your company or your employees.

Step 5: Register Your Business

Although you can start as a solopreneur, you will need a business name if you plan to grow. Depending on your plans, you might consider registering your company as a Proprietorship or a One Person Company, a Private Limited Company, a Limited Liability Company(LLC), and a Limited Liability Partnership. It might be worth hiring an accountant to ensure your financials are in order and that taxes are filed on time.

Step 6: Build Your Core Team

A core team is essential if you are to be able to do different types of digital marketing activities. Each member of the core team should be an expert in a specific area of digital marketing. You can hire an SEO expert or a Google Ads expert, as well as a Facebook manager and a Facebook expert. Solopreneurs have the option to hire freelancers with expertise in various digital marketing activities.

This is a list you’ll need to execute your digital marketing projects successfully:

(a) Content Editor or Senior Writer:

Quality content is the key to organic search engine traffic. It is possible to attract search engine visitors to your website if you can create high-quality content that includes relevant keywords.

These visitors can be converted into leads and customers through other digital marketing strategies. You can provide keywords and topics to your client’s writers so they can create the site’s cornerstone content. This will help you attract search engine traffic.

(b) Media Specialists and Graphic Designers

Although written content is a great way to get people to your website, most people don’t like reading through pages after pages of text on a website. To prevent visitors from becoming overwhelmed and leaving your website, you should add visual elements.

To keep your visitor interested, you can add infographics, videos, or images to complement the text. This is the best part about social media marketing: you can reuse this visual content.

(c) Ad Experts:

Organic traffic can be great for clients’ websites, but it might not be enough to bring in leads or generate income. You should consider paying for targeted traffic via search engines, social media, and websites.

Ad experts are able to attract the attention of potential customers and convert them from being site visitors into paying customers. One or more experts can be assigned to different advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. They can create advertising campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your clients.

(d) Sales Executives:

To run your digital marketing company successfully, you need clients. You cannot actively pitch clients unless you hire sales professionals who will negotiate your rates and terms. They will negotiate monthly deliverables, such as traffic and content. Based on the duration of your project.

(e) Social Media Manager:

You should hire a social media manager if you plan to offer social media services. He or she will be responsible for posting content to social media, answering followers’ questions, and responding to comments. A social media manager can help you find the right influencers for your client to run influencer marketing campaigns.

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Step 7: Create the Business Model

There are many options available when it comes down to starting a digital marketing agency. How you charge for work and what services you offer are important factors in how efficient your business can be managed.

These are the most popular ways to invoice your clients-

  • Hourly – Many services providers charge an hourly rate. This is because they spend a lot time with clients one-on-one, either over the phone or in person. The billing model gets more complicated as the service offerings get longer.
  • Flat retainer – This pricing model is the most straightforward. It works by assessing the value of work and time provided to a client and agreeing to pay a flat monthly fee. It is simple and allows you to avoid any friction when sending out invoices. If you meet your client’s expectations, they will pay it.
  • Percentage Of Spend – This percentage is important to agencies as it factors in growth potential and client scalability. Agencies will turn down clients who have little to no pre-existing spending once they reach a certain level of maturity.
  • Commission-based – This payment method is used widely by agencies to get a competitive edge over other. They get paid when the client makes money from a sale.

Step 8: Keep Up-to-Date Stay Relevant

Digital marketing companies must keep up to date with current trends and methods in order to be successful. To provide the best possible services to clients, you need to keep up-to-date with current trends and skills. Make sure your employees are enrolled in seminars, training, and conferences. This will allow them to learn new skills and connect with like-minded people. It is important to be familiar with the industry dynamics, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest developments in digital marketing.


I hope you like our guide on How to start a digital marketing agency in Faridabad. This is what we have already mentioned, and we will reiterate it again here. When you are starting your own digital marketing company, it is a good option to begin small and concentrate on a particular niche. Once you’ve gained experience in your field, you can begin to grow slowly and expand to other sectors.

It is also necessary to develop different game plans for organizations of different sizes. The reason for this is that the risks and rewards are different for large corporations as well as small or mid-sized businesses. It is imperative to create a specific plan for each client to ensure they get the results they need.

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