How To Start An Instagram Blog In 9 Steps?

how to start an instagram blog

If you are wondering how to start an Instagram blog with no expertise, you’ll be happy to know it’s easy to start. Instagram blogging is microblogging due to the 2,200 character limit for captions vs. no limitation on conventional blogging platforms.

Many people start a site on Instagram together with the intention to market products. If that is your goal, you’ll get started for free with Square Online. It’s the easiest installation procedure, and you do not pay a dime until you make a purchase. This is ideal for Instagram bloggers who do not have months to build a full-fledged ecommerce store. 

How To Start An Instagram Blog?

Here are some steps on how to start an Instagram blog:

1. Create an Instagram Account

Making an Instagram accounts is totally free and takes just a few minutes to do. The measure that requires the longest would be figuring out exactly what you want your username to be. Keep in mind that unlike other social networking platforms, you may change your username in the future. But many prefer to utilize their full name as a username so that they construct a personal brand.

Make sure to have a public profile as a substitute for a private one, unless you only want family and friends you allow reading your blog.

how to start an instagram blog

2. Choose a Niche

When learning how to begin an Instagram blog, the key to gaining consistent growth would be to provide your audience what they have come to expect. If you are a travel Instagram blogger then post a sponsored advertisement for a recliner, you’re not just going to confuse followers however you may cause them to unsubscribe. By choosing a niche for your Instagram site, you are telling individuals who come to your blog exactly what kind of blog they’ll get going forward should they follow you.

It’s imperative that you take careful consideration if picking a market . While you may change your focus later on, doing this can confuse your viewers. Some bloggers start with a broad category like a lifestyle site before deciding on a niche like trave, art, or parenting. 


Within a traveling market, you can get even more specific. Some Instagram blogs focus solely on national traveling or on international travel. There are bloging sites dedicated to just Disney travel. There are even a travel Instagramers who dedicates their accounts to travel.

Some Instagram travel bloggers find success through hosting travel excursions. 


A lifestyle Instagram blog frequently features photos and posts of everyday activities, hobbies, or insights. These bloggers tend to stay with a couple categories instead of posting anything and what they like. For example, a lifestyle blogger may post about family, traveling, food, and money.

Food Blogger

Food Instagram bloggers come in many markets as well. There are bloggers that are diet-specific like keto, paleo, and gluten free. Some bloggers also choose to showcase food located throughout their travels or only food of a specific location like NYC food packs.

Instagram food bloggers can monetize their Instagram blogs through brand ventures, writing cookbooks, or producing their very own kitchen gadgets. 

3. Create a Captivating Bio

An Instagram bio is a tiny snippet of text below your image within your Instagram profile. An Instagram profile is where users see your profile, photo, and every one the posts you have created. It is also where users go to accompany you. This bio area is an chance to show everyone who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve within 150 characters. It is a chance for you to earn a fantastic first impression, so you will want to devote some time crafting a captivating bio.

Some users choose to provide their contact information like an email address or a phone number–especially if they are a company or if want a person to get in touch about collaboration opportunities. Other people prefer to talk about a quote, their location, and possibly even some hobbies.

Whatever you choose to showcase on your bio, don’t forget to tailor it to your niche and your desired audience. If you are specific about who you are, you are more likely to attract individuals that are just like you and wants to engage with you.

4. Click Attractive Images

Instagram is a visual stage where the photos you showcase matter more than the captions. Photos you discuss want to trace your brand identity style so the kind of your image is known as yours prior to a user checks to be sure it is.

This aesthetic should remain consistent during your Instagram posts. It’s important to note that you don’t need to always use your own images to post. There are various free stock photo websites to use such as Pexels and Pixabay. Many of these images do not require attribution, but it is best to double-check what the restrictions are on each photo.

how to start an instagram blog

5. Write Instagram Post

An Instagram blog article is also called a caption. Your captions may be no longer than 2,200 characters. For this reason, many believe that utilizing Instagram for blogging ensures you’re microblogging compared to composing a full-fledged blog hosted on your own site.

Many times captions that are thought-provoking do really well on Instagram.

The first line you write must catch a reader’s interest. Think of it as a one-liner–what’s going to prevent somebody from scrolling by your article in their own news feed? This should be a rather short line so they can read it without needing to click on”more” to see the rest of your caption. Give an intriguing announcement, prompt an emotional response, or discuss an offer.

Or, your own CTA might ask to tag a friend, check out the link in your bio for more information, an so on. A popular CTA is “double tap if you understand,” referencing the action one performs to “just like” your own Instagram image.

Another important element when generating your Instagram blog articles is to make sure that you’re breaking up the text if you’re composing a lot. It is challenging to read a huge wall of text with no natural line breaks. You want your content to be easy-to-digest. Instagram does not make it effortless to do this inside the app, so many people write their draft in a word processing document before copying and pasting it into the platform to carry on the formatting.

6. Use Hashtags to Boost Discoverability

A hashtag is a sign (#). These allows users to find messages about a given topic. By way of instance, when entering the hashtag #travel from the search area on Instagram, it shows travel photographs.

With static posts, you can add up to 30 hashtags. You may add up to 10 hashtags at a narrative. When utilizing hashtags, even non-followers may find your content if they’re searching for that specific hashtag. It helps to reach new audiences and develop their following.

There are 48 million articles with the #travelblogger hashtag. Users may follow a hashtag to observe these articles in their news feed without following each individual creator.

7. Geotag Your Articles

To geotag a place, you’re simply adding a geographical place to inform others where a photograph is taken. Some users prefer to be quite detailed about where a picture was taken, such as the specific name of a java store. Others prefer to be general, like tagging India or perhaps New Delhi.

Geotagging lets others see where you are at. In addition, it helps others find pictures from a particular location. A user may search Instagram by location to find others who’ve been to a place they’re researching. Including your location helps bloggers to grow their audience since Instagram users can seek out location-based articles and stumble upon some other post which has a geotag. If a user likes what you have posted, you might gain a fresh follower–all because you’ve tagged your place.

8. Socialize With Other Instagram Users

The entire point of using Instagram is to be social–this involves interacting with other users on Instagram. It’s possible to enjoy and comment on other users’ articles, and you are able to follow them. When you interact with other customers, they’re more likely to take a look at your profile along with microblog. If peole like what they see, there’s a chance they will accompany you back or at least leave a like or comment.

9. Utilize Instagram Stories

One of the most well-known features of Instagram is utilizing Instagram Stories. A narrative acts like a slideshow that is only available for 24 hours on your own Instagram Story feed, if you don’t choose to feature it. When you include the Instagram Story it will stay on your profile at the Highlight section until you eliminate it.

In these Instagram stories, users can share images, videos, and text messages. Stories are not as curated compared to a static article that shows up on your Instagram feed and then stay forever in your profile unless you choose to delete it. You might even create surveys, share GIFs, and post a narrative to get a selection of individuals to see. Bloggers can label different users tales, and should they promote on Instagram, they can also tag a item.

If you’ve got over 10,000 followers on Instagram, then you can use a feature that allows a visitor to swipe on the narrative. When an individual pops up to the content, it requires them into a URL of the narrative creators’ choice. This is a great place to add an affiliate link.

Instagram stories allow you to see who viewed your narrative.

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