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How To Sell On Flipkart In 2022? A 6-Steps Guide

In this blog, we will take a look at how to sell on Flipkart in 2022.

E-commerce is flourishing today, thanks to online shopping portals like Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, and Amazon. Innovative business models like same-day delivery with cash or card delivery, as well as low prices, have increased online shopping volume.

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce website, sold products for around USD 2.4 billion in 2016. Flipkart boasted a customer base exceeding 2.6 million in the financial year 2013-14. Flipkart currently ships over 5 million shipments per month and receives an average of 80 lakh page views every day.

There is a huge business opportunity available for Flipkart sellers who wish to sell their products on Flipkart. This guide will show you how to become a Flipkart seller and associate with Flipkart.

How To Sell On Flipkart?

1.) Business Registration on Flipkart

These are the essential requirements to be able to apply for Flipkart Seller Registration or to open a Flipkart Seller Account to sell products on Flipkart. We will show you how to do this.

How To Sell On Flipkart

Flipkart Seller as an Individual or Sole Proprietorship

Individuals who want to sell their product on Flipkart under their own legal name are considered sole proprietorship. The sole proprietorship does not provide limited liability protection for its promoter. It is, therefore sole ownership. To ensure your business runs smoothly, you can become a seller on Flipkart while still being a sole proprietor. The following documents are required:

Identity Proof

  • Sign the letterhead with a declaration that you own and manage the bank account for your business.
  • Register a statement of bank accounting to use Flipkart’s payment gateway.
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Voters ID
  • Any other photo identification card
  • Lettered verification of identity from a Public Authority or Public Servant.

Address Proof

  • Telephone bill (Fixed Line) in the name and company of the Proprietorship Firm
  • Ration card
  • The Proprietorship firm is responsible for the electricity bill
  • Letter from the Employer
  • Bank Account Statement in the Name of the Proprietorship
  • Lease or license agreement
  • Lettered verification of identity from a Public Authority or Public Servant.

Selling on Flipkart as a Private Limited Company

A private limited company allows you to sell your product on Flipkart. This provides limited liability protection for the promoter. It also makes it easy to transfer rights. You can also add investors or partners to help grow your business. You only need the following documents to make this the best option.

Identity Proof

  • Certificate Copy of Incorporation for Private Limited Company
  • Copy of Memorandum Of Association
  • Company PAN Card

Address Proof

  • Company electricity bill
  • Telephone bill for company (Fixed Line)
  • Leasing or renting an agreement

Selling on Flipkart as an LLP / Partnership Firm

Flipkart allows you to sell even if you are a partnership firm. When you sign up to Flipkart as a seller, we recommend registering an LLP. This is because it offers limited liability protection and easy transferability. Below are the documents you will need to become a Flipkart seller.

Identity Proof

  • LLP incorporation certificate or registration as a partnership
  • Partnership deed
  • To transact business for the LLP/Partnership firm, a Power of Attorney is granted to a Partner or Employee of the LLP/Partnership firm.
  • Any document that identifies Partners and the Power of Attorney holder with their photographs
  • PAN Card for the LLP/Partnership Firm

Address Proof

  • Any valid official document that confirms the address of the Partners or the Power of Attorney holder
  • Telephone bill for firm/partner
  • Electricity bill for firm/partner
  • Company electricity bill
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Lease or License agreement

Selling on Flipkart as a Trust & Foundation

Flipkart allows Trusts and Foundations to sell their products. Just submit the same documents as above. Firstly, verify your Personal Contact Details, Business Contact Details, Account Details, etc. in order to list your products on Flipkart.

Visit in order to register as a seller. To register, click on the Register button.

2.) Listing of Products on Flipkart

Flipkart makes it relatively easy to list on the site. Flipkart offers a self-service portal. To list and sell on Flipkart, you must have at most ten products. Keep photos of your products handy and upload them along with textual and price information. Choose the appropriate category for your product.

3.) Dashboard 

After Flipkart seller registration has been completed, listing product images can be uploaded and you can begin selling on Flipkart. Flipkart offers a dashboard that allows you to manage all operations. Flipkart offers advertising and promotions as well as analytical support. This will allow you to see which products are doing well in terms price and other factors. You can modify all details via the dashboard, including pricing and description. If your listing is updated, you won’t be able to change your title, and your MRP will not be changed.

4.) Shipping And Logistics Of Products By Flipkart

You can open a Flipkart seller account and get shipping and logistics support. Flipkart is partnered with couriers who will pick up your parcels and deliver them throughout India. They also provide training and packaging support. After receiving an order, the seller packages the product and prepares it for shipping. It is then picked up by the logistics partner for forwarding transmission. Flipkart doesn’t provide packing materials. Sellers must make their own arrangements. Flipkart has 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery staff, making it easy to sell and ship on the platform.

Flipkart offers two shipping options –

1. Flipkart Standard delivery –

Flipkart Advantage Delivery is a process in which Flipkart handles stocking and orders execution. Flipkart is supplied by sellers who ensure that Flipkart has a stock of the product on its product page.

2. Flipkart Advantage/Assure

Flipkart offers 24-hour shipping and delivery, backed by a 30-day return policy or refund. The standard delivery process involves the seller stocking the product and packing it. After that, Ekart (the logistics wing at Flipkart) takes care of delivery and pick up. This process is covered by a 45-day refund policy and replacement policy.

5.) Fulfillment Of Orders On Flipkart

This involves receiving new orders and selling your product at its destination. These steps are listed below:

  1. Get new orders from a buyer and confirm it.
  2. Add a shipment label invoice to your order and pack it for dispatch
  3. Dispatching this order by marking it ‘Ready to Ship’ on the portal.
  4. To ensure that your shipment is delivered according to the manifest, download the Manifest.
  5. Follow orders until you have them delivered to your buyers.

Tier 2 sellers are the first sellers. After completing 30 transactions and operating for one month, sellers can move up to tier 1. A tier 1 seller could lose his position if he defaults on a customer complaint settlement rate. Tier 1 sellers receive payment within five days of dispatch, whereas tier two sellers are paid in 10 days. They must follow certain rules to fulfill orders.

Fulfillment is dependent on the type of product displayed and chosen. Flipkart sells products only after they have obtained them from sellers under their advantage program. The standard delivery method requires that a shipper pack and store items using materials provided by Flipkart.

6.) Flipkart Payments

Flipkart collects payment for each product sold and transfers it to the seller within seven business days. Flipkart takes a small commission for each sale.

Flipkart Charges for Selling Products

  1. Flipkart charges a small percentage of the product’s value as commission.
  2. The seller must pay shipping fees. The seller can include shipping fees or add it to his price.
  3. Flipkart charges a collection fee. This depends on whether the payment method is prepaid or cash-on-delivery.
  4. Flipkart charges a flat fee based upon order value slabs.

If you price your product at Rs 2000, you will be charged 10% commission, Rs 35 for shipping, Rs 30-50 for collection fee, Rs 40 fixed charges, and GST. You might ask yourself, Do Would I like to sell my product via Flipkart? Because their fees can be so high. You can reach millions of buyers, and even though deductions may be necessary, they are well worth it.

Flipkart offers a seller protection program to protect customers from losing or damaging their products in transit. This is in response to customer fraud claims or courier negligence. Flipkart You can sell products on Flipkart in confidence because Flipkart will reimburse a seller even if the product is damaged. Flipkart funding associates offer fair rates of funding so that you can stock more products. Flipkart offers training in how to sell on Flipkart. You can also learn online.

Return Policy of Flipkart

Flipkart’s easy return policy is one of its strengths. Customers can return any product even if it was not defective, but this may incur additional costs for the seller. Flipkart will not charge shipping costs if the product has to be returned for any reason. They also take responsibility for damaged products during transit. However, you are not liable for the reverse shipping fee if you exchange your product.

how to sell on flipkart

Flipkart Advantages

Flipkart, a market leader in India’s e-commerce market, offers many benefits that will help your business reach millions. Flipkart is the “art of smart selling”. There are many other benefits:

  • The listing of your catalog online is free.
  • Flipkart handles shipping. Only need to pack and prepare your product for shipping. It will be delivered to customers by the Flipkart Logistic partner.
  • Flipkart also allows you to set the product’s price.
  • Flipkart will process your payment within 7-15 days after the sale date.
  • Flipkart protects sellers against fraud. It has also set up an SPF (Seller Protection Fund).
  • Flipkart offers a simple return policy that allows customers to return their product if they are not satisfied with it. Flipkart will not take shipping charges if the product cannot be accepted or returned by the customer. Flipkart will also bear the cost of damaged products during transit.
  • Flipkart funding associates offer fair rates and are a great advantage for sellers. You can stock more products in the inventory.
  • Flipkart offers training in selling on Flipkart. You can also learn this online.


Flipkart offers a way to sell on India’s e-commerce marketplace. Flipkart is the most trusted and widely used online marketplace. Flipkart is the best partner to get your products to Indian customers.

Flipkart offers many benefits, but there are also challenges. It is important to plan ahead and move forward. It is possible to be a smart seller.

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