How To Get Started in Entry Level Writing Roles?

Freelance Writing For Beginners

How To Get Started in Entry Level Writing Roles? Writing is not an easy field to break into. Writing is a skill that requires consistency. Style and context are less important than the actual practice. There are many ways to get started and grow your portfolio. Before you can find the juicy content that ignites your passion, you’ll have to do some basic entry-level work. These are great ways to get your freelance writing career started.

How to Get Started in Entry Level Writing Roles?

Writing tutor

As a tutor, you can improve your writing skills and earn a living. It’s not difficult to work with students in middle and high school. There are many kids who need tutors. Students will need your assistance to structure their essays, correct grammatical mistakes, and support their arguments. These skills will be useful in writing. You’ll also have a portfolio that shows the student’s progress.

Editor’s Assistant

An editorial assistant works in tandem with a tutor. An editorial assistant will be your point person for all of your pieces and can assist you in any way you need. You’ll have more opportunities to network and gain experience in a professional setting. You will need to be able to spot grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as perform more research-oriented tasks like fact-checking. You will learn best-practices and see more of the business side to writing.

Online Reviews

An online review can be left by anyone and is quick and easy to write. Online reviews allow you to conduct in-person research and then describe your experience to attract or deter potential customers. This is much the same as if you were working at a business. Reviewing a variety of products and services is possible, so you can choose the ones that interest you. This allows you to write about local events and business openings that you can then market to local periodicals.


Writing regularly can be a great way to build a portfolio. Using a platform like WordPress is great, as that’s both a desirable skill for employers and it’s user-friendly for writers. You can share your passions and gain practical experience by starting a blog. You can also network with other people interested in the same subject. It allows you to be creative because there is no structure. You can explore content development if you enjoy this type of work, and want to directly apply it with businesses. This can often be described as creating blog posts for businesses to increase their SEO and bring in traffic to their site.

Make a newsletter/brochure

These two products might seem like dinosaur marketing tools that aren’t being used as much today. But you would be wrong. While physical brochures may not be as popular in these times, e-newsletters are very much in demand.

Newsletters are something you’re familiar with. If your client requires this, you can partner with a designer.

Take all the brochures that your Chamber of Commerce members have to offer and study them. Many are terrible writing and easy to improve.

These can also be found at non-profits. These may not be as lucrative, but they can provide a great way to get nice clips to begin.

Write business emails

Never make a purchase only to receive a series of emails offering more information or building a relationship. Email marketing is a key component of many businesses.

Small businesses often have a low budget for automated email marketing sequences. For example, they may not email customers who abandon their shopping cart. Register on the sites of your prospects to receive notices and find out what emails they send.

For businesses, sending more emails equals money in the bank. This can make it a simple sale. Ask them if they would be willing to help. You can find a million good examples of marketing emails that you can use to inspire your own.

Technical writer

Technical writing is a great choice if you are looking for less creative work and more data-driven work. Technical writers create technical documents such as manuals, contracts, and instructions. This type of writing is valued by software companies that produce more technical products. This type of work requires research and interviews in order to understand the topic and be able to write from an authority position for your target audience.

Register for Job Alerts

Every business needs writers in some way or another. Although I have provided examples of entry-level writing positions, there are many opportunities to improve your craft. Create job alerts on job-hunting websites for entry-level writing jobs. There will be legitimate examples of writing jobs that match your expertise, and you’ll get industry experience. You might find it easier to apply for different writing jobs.

There are many ways to take your writing career off the ground. While some roles may help you build your portfolio, others will allow you to practice your writing skills. You might be able to explore different entry-level positions and prepare yourself for a freelance career.

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