How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch

How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch? A 7-Steps Guide

How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch? For creators and businesses, nothing is more rewarding than having an army of loyal fans support your brand. These fans are a blessing. You should make and sell merch if you want them to feel loved.

Merch, short for merchandise, allows your fans to communicate with you and promote their loyalty to anyone who is paying attention.

You can make merch a part of people’s lives by selling tees and backpacks as well as posters and coffee mugs. Where do you start? How do you market your merchandise to different markets?

Selling merchandise under a sub-brand vs. selling under your own brand

You have the option of launching a sub-brand or selling under your existing brand when you create your merch strategies.

A sub-brand can help you reach a wider audience than your products and content. Although sales may be slow at first, your sub-brand will help you build a brand that compliments your core business.

You can also leverage your brand’s existing merchandise by integrating it into your content. You can, for example, integrate products into your Instagram feed with tags to make them shoppable.

How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch?

How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch

It’s as easy as printing your logo on a T-shirt to create merch. There is a method to create merch that appeals both to your current audience and to customers you don’t know.

Know your audience

Find out about your audience. The first step to understanding your audience is to analyze how they interact with your brand. Do they use Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok most? If you get engagement on TikTok often, it is likely that your most loyal fan base is millennials or Gen Z.

This will allow you to design merchandise for them based on their shopping habits and traits. You can even ask them what they would buy. You can poll them via Instagram Stories, Facebook Groups, or email if they are on your list.

Getting feedback from your audience has the added benefit of making them feel part of the creation of the merchandise.

Brainstorm cool ideas

Once you know what your fans want, it is time to create merch that appeals to them. This stage is where your creativity will be key to creating merch that people love.

It’s possible to sell hoodies or t-shirts and get some traction, but selling unique merchandise is a great way for you to stand out and make your brand stand out.

Some merch ideas:

  • Tote bags: Practical and practical in an age of plastic bags.
  • Notebooks: Great for creative or professional followers.
  • Throws and blankets: To relax at home.
  • Stickers and patches: Show your support wherever you go.
  • Keychains: Easy to make and practical for your followers
  • Tank Tops: This is a great option for your audience to wear during the warmer months.
  • Mugs for coffee: This allows your followers to have a great way to start their day with your brand.
  • Phone Cases: Give people security and boost your brand.

Create and mockup your products

Here is where the fun begins. It’s a great way for you to express your creativity and make something that your customers will love. For inspiration and ideas, you can visit websites such as 99Designs or Dribbble.

Adobe Photoshop can be used to create graphics. This tool allows you to integrate vectors into your design. This is necessary for embroidery and screen printing. They are not the most convenient option for busy people due to their learning curve.

You can hire a merch designer from Upwork or Fiverr. This route is great, but keep these tips in mind:

  • Make a mood board. A mood board is a collection of curated inspirations, examples, and references that will give your designer an edge in designing your merchandise.
  • Be clear about what you want. Discuss your ideas with your designer and make any necessary revisions to get the look you desire.
  • Give context. Your user profiles can be shared with your designer to help them understand the type of customer they are designing for. Designers may find it helpful to provide guidelines for brand design.

Once you have your designs created, you can use a print-on-demand app to create mockups of your products. These mockups can be shared with your fans to get their feedback. This will allow you to validate your merch ideas and get your fans involved.

How To Create And Sell Your Own Merch

Locate a manufacturer or print-on-demand partner

Once you have your designs in place, it’s time to start thinking about how you will actually produce your merch. These are some of the most popular options:

Print on demand. This strategy allows you to automate production and shipping while minimizing risk and cost for the brand. Depending on which provider you choose, there will be limited options for customization and products available.

Create from scratch. Find a manufacturer to make the merch that you are selling, then share your design with them and have the product manufactured. This option allows you to design the item exactly as you want. However, it requires more capital and is more laborious.

Selling your merch

Once you have created your merch, it is time to market it to your existing customers and fans. Below are some marketing strategies that you can use in order to increase interest in your merchandise.

NOTE: You can try one or two strategies and then compare them to find the best promotional method for your merchandise.

Word-of-mouth marketing can be a powerful promotional tool. By encouraging your fans to use your products, you can create word-of-mouth.

It is easy to ask people to test your products on social media and to tag you in their comments. You can also offer your audience a prize, such as early access to new products or free shipping.

Leverage your existing channels

Although word of mouth is a great way to get people talking about your product, it’s not the only option. You can increase your sales chances by using the existing channels that you already have.

Shopify allows you to sell your merchandise by easily integrating your store with your followers whenever they are online. Here are some channels that you can explore.

  • YouTube: Add links to your merchandise in your cards and video descriptions, along with a call for action at the end.
  • Instagram: Tag your merch and point your followers to your Instagram Shop if you have one.
  • Buy button: You can also embed your collections and merch on a website or blog other than your merch shops.

Listing your products on a marketplace could help you reach a wider audience

A merch marketplace allows you to sell products created by different people. Some sites charge a listing fee, while others take a commission on each sale. 

Before you create a listing, make sure to review the rules and regulations for the marketplace where you plan to sell. Many merch websites have their own rules and regulations regarding the products you can sell. This information will help you understand the commission system and the percentage of the sale price that is paid to the seller.

Retarget your existing audience

Retargeting allows you to promote your merch to an existing audience based upon specific criteria such as whether they have made a purchase, followed your Facebook page, or if they are a follower. Retargeting ads can be created on many digital platforms, such as Google, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Install the advertising pixel from your chosen platform on your website. To build a retargeting audience, some platforms accept customer email addresses. Once you have created a customized audience, you can target them with ads featuring your merchandise to increase engagement and sales.


I hope you like our guide on how to create and sell your own merch. There are many types of good merch. It can be functional or simply beautiful to look at. Whatever merch you choose, think about who your audience is, what they love about your brand, and what items they may be interested in purchasing. You’re giving your fans something to keep and support you with.

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