10 Ways To Sell On Shopify In 2022



In this article, we will discuss 10 ways to sell on Shopify.

You may have heard the expression, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” You can list your product on other eCommerce platforms like eBay. It should also include setting up your own eCommerce storefront through a platform such as Shopify. This gives you complete control over your branding and helps to build legitimacy around your brand. 

What’s Shopify?

Shopify allows brands to set up their own online stores with its fully customizable eCommerce platform. Shopify allows you to sell your products online, just as on any other eCommerce marketplace. However, there are no content restrictions or high fees. Shopify offers three user plans with varying prices, depending on your business’s size and needs. Shopify also offers a Point of Sale App to help brick-and-mortar businesses.

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You can get a free trial for two weeks if you aren’t sure which plan is best for your brand. It’s not necessary to be a programmer or build a website. Shopify’s vast library of pre-made templates (called “themes”) makes it easy to design your storefront.Your store can be customized in any way you like. There are many themes that can be customized to fit any type of eCommerce store, even brands selling one product.  

10 ways to sell on Shopify 

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Your ads must be targeted to Shopify users in order to sell. This can be done by targeting Facebook pages. If you are certain that a large brand has the customer you want, you can add their page to your interest. To increase conversion rates, you must ensure your audience is broad. 

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook recently made it possible for online retailers to post in Facebook Groups to promote their business. This is still in its early stages, so it’s not possible to be ahead of the rest. You can boost your brand’s visibility by posting to your business page. You shouldn’t spam every group within your niche with this opportunity. This is the fastest way to get banned. If you have an online yoga shop, you can still post to popular Facebook yoga groups, engage with other members and create your own. Facebook groups are a great way to grow your Facebook fans if you sell on Shopify. 

3. Instagram Stories

You should build your Instagram account if you are learning to sell on Shopify. To increase your chances of selling Instagram Stories, you will need at least 10,000 followers. Instagram Stories allows users to swipe up to go to your product page, bringing them closer to making a purchase. To do a sponsored Instagram Story, you can partner up with an Instagram account (such as a fan page) to create it. If you have a pet shop, you could reach out to a fan page to pay for a sponsored Story post. This will increase your website’s visibility. This is a great option for small brands that haven’t built a large following.

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4. Partner with Affiliates

Partnering with affiliate marketers is one of the ways I have been using lately to get new customers. Amazon is a huge powerhouse with one of the largest affiliate programs. This has helped to propel their online store to the top in the world. Although your affiliate program may not be as large, it is still possible to have a lot of affiliates. This can be done in two ways.

The first is to reach out to existing customers and ask them to become affiliates. They’re more likely to recommend your products to friends and family because they have already bought from you. You can also do backlinking outreach. You can also reach out to other articles that include keywords such as “best fashion websites”, and offer an affiliate commission for brands that include your link in their article. Reach out to fashion bloggers to offer a sponsored review and compensation via an affiliate link. 

5. Bundle Apps

Shopify’s bundle app was the most popular app type. To find the bundle app that suits your needs and budget, you can search the Shopify Store. This bundle app is not necessary if you are just starting out with your business and have a limited budget. After you have figured out your ads and started generating Shopify sales, you will want to invest in one. Bundle apps are great because you can sell more of the same product and not have to find as many customers.

If you sell fake eyelashes and someone is looking for one, you could offer them a bundle deal that includes a discount. You don’t have to offer a huge discount. It will help you increase sales and make it more likely that customers return to your store. It’s amazing how many customers will buy more of the same product when they check out. This strategy worked very well for us. 

6. Partner with Influencers

There are no two influencers the same, so a partnership can either be hugely successful or fail. You shouldn’t pay compensation to influencers if you have a low budget. To keep your risk low and learn Shopify, it’s a good idea, to begin with, the affiliate commission. If the influencer takes custom photos or videos of the product, you need to compensate them in order to be able to use the content for your ads.

Remember that influencers are not always the right audience for your targeted audience when you partner with them for sponsored posts. An example: A female influencer may post a picture in your dress, but many of her followers might be male. To ensure that you are a good match, it is important to use tools to identify the followers of the influencers to which you reach out. 

7. Referral traffic

If your website isn’t getting any traffic, the best way to increase it is to get help from other websites. To find out the backlinks to your competitors, you can use SEO Tools. Once you know who links to your competitors, it is possible to reach out and request a link in exchange. You can also search for abandoned online stores within your niche and contact them to tell them the link is broken. This strategy is free and will help you get steady traffic to your site within the first few days. While some may request compensation, you can always say no.

8. Host a giveaway

Giveaways can be a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. To promote the giveaway in the right niche Facebook groups (with permission from the group admin), giveaway websites, or partner with a well-known blogger to get the traffic you need. You can also offer a runner-up prize to anyone who doesn’t win the main prize. What is the runner-up prize? A $5 gift certificate to your online shop. This deal is not a way to lose money. The $5 discount should work the same way as a discount. Make sure that your products are priced appropriately.

9. Pinterest Group Boards

You can reach a wider audience with Pinterest group boards, even if yours is small. Tools such as PinGroupie make it easy to locate group boards that are popular in your niche. Pinterest also allows you to search for niche group boards. 

10. Review of Import Products

Your online store may not be fully social proof yet, especially if it is just a few days old. You can generate sales with every little validation. Importing AliExpress reviews onto your website is one way to gain social proof early on. Although they may not have bought directly from your store, the customers have already purchased the exact same product from the same supplier. The product reviews can be verified. You may also be able to include photos to help customers make informed decisions when they visit your website. 


Selling on Shopify is the best thing about running an eCommerce store. Connecting customers to incredible products is the best part of eCommerce. The joy of hearing the cha-ching never ceases. Shopify allows you to reach a wider audience, help more people purchase products that they need, and make some income.

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